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Reclaim Your Me-Time

"We enjoy being a thoughtful way to celebrate inner beauty, reclaim your me-time and discover unique and useful quality self-care goods. Ultimately, we are transforming the way we view self-care and making it more accessible. It is truly a joy to show our customers that they are more than everything to everyone else and that they deserve to be good to themselves too..." 


Thoughtful Gifts


Voyage ATL Feature! 

" Ever since I could remember my love languages have been quality time and gift-giving. Gifting to me is about connection.

 I empower busy women and men to activate the me-time they need right now to live fuller lives. Being transported out of the overwhelm of daily life for just a moment, hour or longer. A bit of beauty, indulgence, affirmation, practicality and self-care can go a long way in helping us be more present and discover what makes us full first before serving others."


We were featured in Chris by Christen's latest Small Business Friday! 

"As women, especially mothers, we find our minds constantly racing and moving 100 miles per hour because we are focused on everything and every one else but ourselves.

My good friend Tayler Jones has taken the concept of a gift box to another level by making  self-care and lifestyle products easily accessible.

If self-care and shopping small and local are your thing..."